Website for Tours to Africa Co.

Plato African Tours, a Taiwanese based travel company, re-branded themselves as Africa Boom & Cool Tours so as to emphasis the fun in educational tours for kids and students. I was hired for the website creation.

I utilized and adapted a responsive WordPress theme.  “Responsive” is this year’s “cool”. It means that the website adapts to most viewing environments e.g. PC, Mac, iPad, smart phones. Unfortunately, not all accompanying plugins are responsive but this is a major step in a positive direction.

I love it when there’s extra meaning motivating my participation. In this case it’s because the company has invested in Knysna, the town where i stay. Not only have they being sharing cultures with Knysna Montessori School for over a decade but they recently bought a farm in the area which will serve as a home away from home for Taiwanese students. Investing here has resulted in job creation which is most welcome considering the effects of the Recession on our tourist-based economy. Kudos to Africa Boom & Cool Tours!

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