Website for Hard Rock/Metal Band

Loved making this website for DEITY’S MUSE because i’ve been enjoying their music for over a decade. Nice bunch of guys too.Wishing them success on their first overseas tour!

Note to other bands or WordPress website compilers, see how effective SoundCloud is for the music section.

Social media comes and goes so it was with disappointment that i watched the trend by many bands to skip the step of having their own website whilst leaping for Facebook – “Look before you leap!” is the motto here. The first decline in FB interaction was initially, in my observations, because bands flooded their subscribers with messages and invites they didn’t care about. Then the Like system became as meaningless as all those wannabees who added Friends to their MySpace profiles so as to be “popular” rather than fans. A 1000 Likes on FB is nowhere near as meaningful as 100 listens.

It’s tough to get traffic to your website nowadays (because you’re competing with 350 million others) but the results you get are likely to be more truthful than social media.

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