The Evolution Of Computer Monitors

The evolution of the computer monitor has been rapid, as exciting as it has been practical.

Initial screens were powered by a cathode tube which created a picture by firing electrons at a fluorescent screen. The monitor was bulky and heavy, requiring cables to attach itself to the computer.

Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) were a vast improvement. At first, they were utilized for laptops but their compact and light-weight attributes were soon adopted by PCs and Macs. Producing a better quality picture that consumed less power meant that computer monitors could increase in size.

Nowadays, it has become harder to distinguish a computer monitor from a hardrive as the technologies meld into the same working area. Modern houses no longer have awkward television sets but rather computer monitors for both entertainment and work usage. Laptops have shrunk into tablets and notepads.

Ironically, the term “computer monitor” will fall into disuse thanks to its glorious contribution to technology.

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