Newsletter: Your Website is Moving!

Greetings to all my Knysna Website Design clients!

You will probably smile as i tell you that you’re moving from LA to Ashburn in Virginia:) We live in a truly global world.

moving websites to new serverMy main hosts in the USA are expanding. They have opened an upgraded data centre which means that your sites are currently migrating there. It started yesterday and will continue for a week. This may temporarily cause slower load times on your websites. If you notice any other issues, be sure to yell.

As good news as that is, i’m seeking better ways to serve my bigger customers. I have delivered the cheapest hosting prices as part of my goal to increase Knysna’s internet footprint but some of you have grown and 2 incoming customers will be as large or larger than my personal sites, increasing hosting by as much as 100 000 pages per month.

Looking towards the future and a premium service, i’ve been investigating Cloud hosting which is essentially a lot of servers connected to one another through the internet so that if a server fails, there’s no downtime. Amazon and iTunes have leapt into this in a big way and hosters worldwide are following. New technology means new equipment which in turn means faster websites.

cloud hostingIt also means better security. The internet is constantly under attack and it’s only gotten worse. The majority of email in the world is spam (when you get some, it’s minor to what’s a being stopped). And we got hacked in December, by the way…yep, you never noticed:) Only 1 customer went down and was up within 2 hours. However, the problems lingered for me as they latched onto the biggest sites which were all mine. It seems as if they were doing it simply so that they could create large quantities of advertisement spam in my comments section – that may seem benign but it slowed the server down which was thankfully unnoticeable as the net always gets quiet in the holiday period. For me it was damn frustrating as i have no need for the designer handbags i was constantly being offered:)

So, Cloud Hosting is my next step and i’ll be sure to keep you informed.

I was told by several of you that you either had a good holiday or that your businesses made more money these holidays than those a year ago. That was fantastic to hear!

Wishing you all a strong 2013.

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