Google’s Penguin Nightmare

Bad Google PenguinBear with me. This is relevant to you all. I believe in keeping my clients updated.

Google introduced a program called Penguin which is suppose to toughen up the criteria for better search rankings for websites. It’s suppose to stop blackhat SEO activities, spam abuse etc. and give preference to websites that are regularly updated, feature good content and legal search engine optimization –


i’ll return to that in a second…

It was introduced in April and never affected me. Since then there’ve been several updates. This week –

Bad Google Penguin2LOVE KNYSNA

It doesn’t even appear if i put the whole url into the search bar. This has majorily affected my web statistics as it is normal for Google, who has almost monopolized the industry, to direct most visitors.

I’m not the only victim. There is a huge outcry on the internet, some saying that Google is more interested in advertizing than true search results. Whether that relates to Love Knysna disapearing is beyond me to explain but it is true that search results are no longer true. They are optimized according to your internet patterns so that you can be targeted with adverts appropriate to your interests and lifestyle. In my opinion, that’s shocking!

I have checked a dozen of my clients websites and found no one else with the same problem but i ask you all to check again. And again every month. If it ever does happen to you, it’s not a problem i can help you with i.e. it is not a hosting problem.

Bad Google Penguin3If you do encounter an error, you can submit a report to Google saying that Penguin screwed up. Unfortunately, it is very rare for Google to reply to anyone but you must try since it’s the only thing you can do.

Note that if you go directly to your site or i.e. type in the address bar, not the search bar, the site will of course still be there.

May you all be safe from the Google Gorilla (a much better name)!

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