Computer Tips for PC Beginners #4: Web Browser Shortcut Keys

Alt Home - keyboard shortcutSome nice web browser shortcut keys…

Ctrl+N – Open a new window
Ctrl+T – Open a new tab (if your browser supports tabs)
Ctrl+W – Close the current window/tab
Ctrl+R (or just F5) – Refresh page
Esc – Stop
PageUp – Move up a page
PageDown – Move down a page
Alt+Home – Go to your homepage
Alt+D – Move focus to the address bar to type in a URL

And one more that’s pretty cool:

Ctrl+Enter – Will add “http://www.” and “.com” around an address

For example: Open a website in a new window

Ctrl+N to open a new window
Alt+D to bring you to the address bar
Type the address without the “http://www.” or the “.com”
(for example, “microsoft” instead of “”
Press Ctrl+Enter to add in the “http://www.” and the “.com”

Computer tips courtesy of:

Clint Vorster
The Computer Guru (Knysna)
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